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Meet our NEW LADIES Danny, Brodey and Reagon. See pics under show case. Both are stunningly gorgeous and are ready and waiting just for you. Don’t miss out here call today!!!

(All rooms en-suite just for your comfort and enjoyment)


Welcome to VelvetGlow

VelvetGlow came to pass on the realization that all people, emotionally, need the pampering, caring, sensual touch of massage. At VelvetGlow, we believe that massage has a subtle, yet profound influence on all the systems of the body, as sensuality, without crossing the line, encourages the body’s own maximum pleasures. You will find peace of mind and a discreet, professional atmosphere. The tranquil treatment rooms are adjusted to hot or cold weather and soft music to your taste. Please contact us to book your Sensual Massage Pretoria based.

Off The Beaten Track

What Makes a Woman Horny?

Velvetglow discusses this intimate issue!!! Here are a few tips to get the MOST out of your GAL!!! Give your gal honest and heart felt compliments often! Talk sexy before and during the act. Keep things hot and intense. Just not too hot to soon. Take your time, ladies...
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Why Is It Better To Be Clean Shaven?

Velvetglow discusses this intimate issue!!! Here are a few quick facts as to why it’s better to be clean shaven; Guys, it’s simply cleaner and healthier. One of the places affected by our daily activities is the crotch; sweat and dirt gather there and soon mixes with...
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Female Masturbation!

Velvetglow has a discussion on female masturbation!!! For those guys out there wandering about woman and there masturbation habits here are a few interesting facts; Masturbation is still seen as an awesome way to help you to relax so instead of grabbing for medication...
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Achieving a Stronger Erection!

Velvetglow presents some helpful hints on achieving a MAXIMUM and STRONGER ERECTION!!! This is every man’s eternal quest. He wants a maximum and stronger erection every time. It’s a feeling of control, pride and self-awareness that often determines his confidence...
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Variety At VelvetGlow

VARIETY AT VELVETGLOW, were ALL the good looking LADIES hang out!!! Whether your choice of lady is tall, petite, slim or curvaceous we have someone just for you. As they say in the classics, spice is the variety of life and in our industry it’s no different. Our...
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The Perfect Session Starts With The Perfect Choice In Masseuse

The perfect session starts with the perfect choice in masseuse – Velvetglow, Pretoria’s premier Sensual Massage Studio How to choose your perfect masseuse, here are a few pointers: 1) Always a good idea to have a picture in your minds eye as to what you would like...
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The Perfect Session Starts With The Perfect Booking

Sensual Massage Studio Pretoria East The perfect session starts with the perfect booking – Velvetglow, Pretoria’s premier Sensual Massage Studio When making your booking guys remember we are as eager to meet up with you as you are to see us but here’s a few pointers:...
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Making the most of your sensual session at Pretoria’s premier Sensual Massage Studio – VelvetGlow

Here’s a quick 5 pointer on making the most of your session: 1) When making your booking ensure to call on the day at 8am as this is when the phone lines open. Calling later than that may mean your masseuse of choice has already been booked. Bookings begin at 9am...
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Feel Confident Inside & Out!

Forget Shyness: Naked body massage makes you feel confident inside and out. Nakedness is something not a lot of people are comfortable with, and it isn’t any wonder why its that way, since it is cemented into our psyche from early on we think that nakedness is...
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Phoenix Offers Only The Best!

Phoenix has been rated as one of the raunchiest massage therapists in the country. She has many years of experience and is blessed with the sexiest pair of legs in the industry. She also has a naturally golden brown tan which proves to be an instant aphrodisiac for...
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