velvetglow-erotic-massages-pretoria-eastAT VELVETGLOW, we like to talk about intimate issues!!!

There’s a lot of interest about “Acronyms & Abbreviations” for the adult entertainment world and so for the next few weeks here’s a list to help you understand a little better;

  1. CBJ – Covered Ball Job
  2. CBT – Cock Ball Torture
  3. CD – Cross Dresser
  4. CFM – Come Fuck Me
  5. DAP – Double Anal Penetration
  6. DDE – Doesn’t Do Extras
  7. DOM – Dirty Old Man
  8. DSL – Dick Sucking Lips
  9. DT – Deep Throat
  10. DTF – Down To Fuck

For the next few weeks we will provide more interesting acronyms & abbreviations and hope you enjoy it.

Remember – RESPECT FIRST!!! Keep an open mind, respect the boundaries laid out upfront, enjoy responsibly and most of all HAVE FUN!!!