The perfect session starts with the perfect choice in masseuse – Velvetglow, Pretoria’s premier Sensual Massage Studio

How to choose your perfect masseuse, here are a few pointers:

1) Always a good idea to have a picture in your minds eye as to what you would like your ideal masseuse to look like. Because Velvetglow has a number of qualified sensual masseuses available the chances of finding the perfect look is a reality.
2) Once you have an idea of the look you are after, consult with our professional, up to date and accurate website under “Show Case”. This will enable you to search for the look you are after. Please note that you can see how many hits each lady has received next to her photo’s and this is a brilliant reference as to the popularity of each individual lady. Just keep in mind that the newer ladies will have less hits as they have been on the net for a shorter period of time.
3) Call our gorgeous hostess once you have chosen a lady and discuss your expectation for the session. She will be able to assist from there on.
4) Keep in mind that every session is a two way thing. Friendly and open communication with your masseuse goes along way and will definitely improve the chances of receiving a truly memorable experience. Shower facilities are available before and after the session. A clean and hygienic session from start to finish will just add positively to your experience.
5) Manage your expectation beforehand. Every session should be extremely sensual and erotic however please remember that there is strictly NO FH or oral sex on offer. We are NOT like some other studio’s that offer additional services upon arrival. We are strictly sensual / professional massage. Arriving with the wrong expectation can be a let down for ALL parties! Relax . Relax. Relax and enjoy!!!

Please remember that the time booked for includes your shower time. We are a very busy studio and our business clientele appreciate the fact that we stick to the times booked and no one every has to wait more than a minute or two on either end of the session. Thank you!