91SSe4EezFLWe hope you all had a well deserved break and are ready to put into practice those plans that will make all your dreams come true. Of course, part of your master plan should include some TLC and there’s no better place to do this than VelvetGlow. Our aim at VelvetGlow is to provide you, our valued client with a truly memorable sensual and erotic experience that is relaxing, rejuvenating and totally fulfilling. Your privacy is our top priority and careful procedures are followed in order to ensure that clients don’t bump into one another. At velvetglow we pride ourselves in having repeat business from many high profile clients and our success lies not only in their enjoyment but also in maintaining their confidentiality. Our girls are handpicked and are given extensive training in the art of Sensual Massage from the best. The host and co­owner of velvetglow have been in the business for more than 10 years now and has become somewhat of an icon in the industry. velvetglow clients trust her judgement and appreciate the fact that they can discuss and explain their expectation with ease knowing that she will assist to her best ability. Our girls are our business and we understand that our clients want a variety of Massage Pretoria based. We prefer to employ girls that are not from the industry so that we can provide the correct training and ensure the kind of experience that our clients demand. We have a tried and tested recipe for producing girls that offer an unforgettable experience and no short cuts are taken in ensuring our clients receive only the best treatment every time.

sensual red lips beautiful woman close up

sensual red lips beautiful woman close up

Top 5 reasons to have a Sensual Massage:

  1. Improves your ability to relax at home and focus at work
  2. Improves your sex life by filling the gap and by teaching you new techniques
  3. Improves your body’s blood circulation and ability to repair if you are an active sportsman
  4. Improves your self esteem and leaves you with a feel good approach to life
  5. Sensual Massages remains the safest way to enjoy a erotic experience

You can contact our gorgeous host for more information on Sensual Massage Pretoriabased. Quote for the week Life is tough. I don’t know how old you are but I’ve seen so much in a wink. One phone call and your life can change forever. That’s why you should laugh at everything. Joan Rivers