We are not all able to jump in the car right now and dash off on holiday but how about these as some darn good ideas as an alternative.

1. Sensual massage is like meditation for your body
At some point during your session, maybe it’s the calming music, or the soothing energy of the room, or the warm personality of your masseuse, but your body just let’s go and relaxes.

2. Restores Original Level of Function
The strains and stresses of our everyday lives have become the norm. Our bodies have compensated for this in an ingenious way and what would normally be considered totally unnatural is now an everyday occurrence. We don’t even realize we are wearing our shoulders as earrings, or that our backs have golf ball size knots, because our bodies make adjustments to still allow us to function. Sensual and tantric massage helps release the unnatural adjustments so our bodies can be restored to the original, relaxed, stress­free, level of function.

3. Relief from mild depression
Physical touch, especially sensual touch changes our bio­ chemistry and lowers our cortisol levels, our bodies stress hormone. Low cortisol level can lead to all kinds of imbalance in our system, including feelings of depression and anxiety. Sensual massage helps regulate these hormone levels thus creating a more relaxed, improved state in our overall mental and physical wellbeing.

4. Massage definitely helps boost your immunity
Stress and anxiety make it harder for our bodies to fight off and defend against the pathogens we’re exposed to every single day. Sensual and erotic massage helps the lymphatic system to drain and release waste like bacteria and viruses from the body more efficiently, increasing our bodies own natural ability to fight off germs.

5. Stress Relief
Stress is the biggest killer and can also lead to diseases such as cancer. A sensual massage will help your body and more importantly your mind to totally relax. It will leave you feeling calm and passive for hours thereafter. It will help your body detox and even assist with the reduction of headaches and back ache due to improved blood circulation.

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