5 Facts about Woman and OrgasmYOU asked for it and now we help YOU to DISCOVER – 5 Facts about Woman and Orgasms!!!

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  1. Remember that during intercourse the missionary style provides the least chance of orgasm for a woman as the penis does not directly stimulate the clitoris, the organ responsible for women’s orgasm. Perhaps try alternate positions that you feel works best for you. Practice, practice, practice.
  2. Most couples wish that both parties orgasm during intercourse and this simply isn’t always possible so don’t make this the main mission. Too much pressure will definitely ruin the moment and reduce all chances of a happy ending.
  3. Many women say their best orgasms happen when the man uses his tongue, hand or a vibrator. All enjoyable options and it’s a case of do whatever it takes to make the most of your experience. Remember as always to discuss what your partner feels works best.
  4. If it bothers you that she doesn’t climax when you are intimate try and make use of a good quality vibrator. Let her orgasm first and once she is relaxed then have your turn. This way both of you receive pleasure.
  5. As always it’s a great idea to discuss your wish list and expectations with your partner on a regular basis. Lack of communication in a relationship is a problem as it is in the bedroom so start talking today and get the most out of your experience.