sensual-and-erotic-massagesVelvetGlow, known for the best Sensual And Erotic Massages, likes to talk about intimate issues!!!

  1. Just like everything else in the technological age, people are looking for instant gratification. It takes a few seconds to make a booking and an hour later you’re done! It has been established that most clients make on average 1.5 bookings a week.
  2. As always men prefer the no strings attached arrangement and are fully aware of the risk v’s reward factor. With a personal sensual masseuse the risk factor is extremely low.
  3. Having your own personal sensual masseuse is by far less risky than having an office affair where the chances of being caught are great. There is normally a mutual understanding from the get go that a relationship is not on the cards.
  4. Variety is the spice of life however, the popularity of having your own personal sensual masseuse is growing by the day and this is a now a worldwide phenomenon.
  5. The sophistication of the businesses running studio’s offering these services has improved dramatically and with it has come a lot of competition which has ultimately improved the overall service levels. It really is now possible to have your very own pin up girl who is also your own personal sensual masseuse!

Will things be changing in the future? Probably not, in fact the competition will only become fiercer and the standard will rise. Unfortunately so then too will the cost for such services but remember you get what you pay for. Clients are looking for variety and value added services which mainly the bigger studios can provide.

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