1. velvetglow-erotic-massage-pretoriaANALINGUS. This is a sexual behavior where a person’s mouth or tongue is used to stimulate your partners’ anus. Also known as rimming. We don’t recommend this practice due to the obvious associated health risks.
  1. THREESOMES. This has been around forever but has become very popular in 2016. It used to be a rare few of us that could say we had the pleasure of experiencing this but these days most adults can relate a story or two to a threesome experience that they have had recently.
  1. CROSSNG GENDER LINES. True and strange as it may sound, approximately 35% of all sexually active persons have experimented across gender lines just for the hell of it. Interestingly enough, only 7% said they would try it again.
  1. 4. SELF PLEASURE TOYS. This has become exceedingly popular as we move into the 21st century where time is a scare commodity. Less time to relax means less time for pleasure unfortunately. Keeping up with the Joneses these days means owning a gold trimmed vibrator just like Sue next door.
  1. HAVING AN OFFICE AFFAIR.  Believe it or not, two out of every three employees are either having an affair or have had an office affair in their lives before. If you are contemplating this spend a minute considering the risk verse reward factor. You could lose your job, your wife and even worse your family!

Remember – Always enjoy intimacy responsibly and the number one rule will always be RESPECT!