Lindsey One of VelvetGlow’s hottest new masseuses – ask our hostess on how you can get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity today! Lindsey is young, energetic and truly beautiful. She has long black hair, long legs and the most gorgeous smile. In a short space of time she has become extremely popular and is definitely one of the most sexy ladies on the sensual massage circuit. She is easy to talk to and says she likes her clients to feel relaxed and at ease and hopes they enjoy all that she has to offer… What constitutes a perfect 10? Is it a perfect body, good communication skills, a great sense of humour, good hygene, unique massage techniques and awesome sensualaity? It’s more likely to be a combination of all of these. The fact of the matter is at VelvetGlow, Pretoria’s premier sensual and erotic massage studio, we focus on the total package from start to finish, this way we ensure that our valued clients receive the most from their experience. One of our regulars this week confessed that he was on his way to pick up his best mans suite for a wedding but decided to drop in at VelvetGlow instead. When asked what he was going to do about the suite that he had not picked up he replied, “ I’m not sure, all I know is that the wedding will go ahead but I just had to get to velvetglow today!” We must be doing something right… Most of our clients have incorporated a Velvet Massage into their weekly routines and are enjoying the benefits thereof such as reduced stress levels, increased levels of concentration and improved overall general health. sensual massage also improves your sex life by improving levels of confidence and enhancing your stamina greatly. Thought for the week: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Remember guys, fortune favors the bold ­ The Owner… velvetglow_velvet_massages_pretoria