Velvetglow presents some helpful hints on achieving a MAXIMUM and STRONGER ERECTION!!!

This is every man’s eternal quest. He wants a maximum and stronger erection every time. It’s a feeling of control, pride and self-awareness that often determines his confidence levels at any given time.

This is a very private matter and men don’t often discuss these issues with other men as egos tend to get in the way. Hence we have decided to start an awareness campaign for men on sensitive and yet crucial matters such as these.

Instead of trying to deliver a mind blowing volume of information on each topic we will instead deliver 5 quick points that will hopefully help your performance and they are remarkable simple it’s just that they are not practiced enough!

  1. Eat right! A healthy diet is crucial to overall good bodily functioning. Being overweight has all sorts of implications on your health and believe it or not, makes your penis look smaller in proportion to the rest of your body. Loose those unwanted pounds and all of a sudden your penis looks larger.
  2. Your position is important! Your sexual position can have a large effect on the length or at least appearance of the length of your penis. By keeping a horizontal position where possible you will find it easier to achieve maximum length and strength. The more scrunched up you are, the smaller and shorter your penis will appear. Experiment with various positions to achieve maximum length and strength.
  3. Stay calm! Being overly nervous has a negative effect on the blood flow to your penis and will reduce its potential size. Concentrate on relaxing and it’s best to try and give yourself a half hour before intimacy to try and get as relaxed as possible.
  4. Watch the medication you are on! Certain medications can also impact negatively on your size and strength. Strong antibiotics being the worst, so don’t take it to heart if during medication you feel you are not at your personal best as this is normal.
  5. Exercise! This is probably one of the best ways to improve your overall length and strength during intimacy. A fit strong and lean body is guaranteed to achieve maximum length and strength.

Practice the above for three months and you will be amazed at the difference in your personal performance levels. Remember as well that good male grooming will also enhance your overall appearance and will make your penis look large than if surrounded by a bush! If your partner is only allowing you to practice once or twice a month, why not pop in at Velvetglow for Erotic Massages Pretoria East based, and add to the number of practice sessions you have. Your partner will thank you later!!!

Hope this helps, over and out for now…


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