What with it being our first month back in business and the return of so many of our old clients from Sheer Elegance. We had partnership offers from our competitors and we even have one of our girls on the front page of a competitor’s web site and by the way, thanks so much for that, it’s been awesome for our business!!

The rugby season thus far has been absolutely great for VelvetGlow! We were fortunate enough to have one of the best rugby teams frequent our world class venue for Massages In Pretoria during the month and wow guys, thanks so much for all the fun and support. You were true gentlemen and it was an honor to host you. Good luck with the rest of the season and the girls at VelvetGlow can’t wait to see you again soon – for that special TLC we know you love so much…
Guys, with the hunting season upon us it’s always a good idea to relax before that long drive to your destination and not to mention when you get back. All those sore backs, elbows and knees, we are so ready and waiting for you all!! Please bring photos, we want to see…

It’s May already and as winter approaches we are well aware of the fact that all of our handsome clients will need some warming up. To ensure not to disappoint, we have taken on some new girls and are now proud to say that we have 4 stunning girls who work permanently for velvetglow. Our girls are all uniquely different and are hand­picked by the best in the business. This will ensure that no matter what your taste is, velvetglow will be able to cater for your needs in a professional and private manner.

We have also introduced a happy hour every Friday for the month of May and urge you to please contact the host at velvetglow for more details.

As always, we will continue to strive to be “The best sensual massage venue in Pretoria and a world class venue, truly a Cut Above”

Contact velvetglow on: 072 808 0776 for your well Sexy Massage Pretoria!