velvetglow-girls-pretoriaAT MENDELSSOHN’S, we like to talk about intimate issues!!!

Do’s and Don’ts – what attracts woman to men?

  1. The number one thing woman find attractive about a man – his smile, nice eyes? Funnily enough most of all is his generosity… Solution – try to bring your sensitive side out more often.
  2. Biggest mistake men make with woman – not paying genuine attention to what woman say and talk about. In other words, not listening to what is actually being said…. Solution – don’t take this as an insult. Try to look at the issue at hand from many different perspectives. Remember woman think differently to men.
  3. Biggest mistake men make with social media – ignoring your other half’s existence on social media, closely followed by taking selfies with your tongue sticking out!… Solution – never portray yourself as being available, this only breeds unwanted insecurities. Make a point of including your other half in your messages at least once a day to show you care.
  4. How to turn every woman’s head – every woman finds a man’s confidence the most attractive characteristic. Not macho ways, or the size of his biceps but pure confidence in every aspect of life….
  5. Solution – this take practice and belief in yourself. Start believing in yourself today and notice the difference.
  6. Best place to meet woman – This in an interesting one. Could it be the church, local hang-out or at a school meeting? Solution – none of the above. The best place these days is one the internet. No driving around or expensive dinners upfront. On the internet you are able to create a short list and then weight up the odds before any money is spent.

Try a few of the tips above and remember it takes practice and belief in yourself.

Tips – less macho, more caring…