Wow what a week it has been… Not only did we have offers from other venues to go into partnership with them (not that we would ever do that), but we have some very good news….no, let’s rephrase, we have excellent news guys!!!

So yes, VelvetGlow is the best world class Velvet Massage Pretoria based venue. So much so, that we have been approached by various other venues to please consider going into partnership. Apparently we are killing their business. But hey, we stick to our recipe. What we do just works for our customers! At VelvetGlow our customers always come first!

Now for the most brilliant news of them all… VelvetGlow does adhere to the needs of its customers. Your wish is our command and now your wishes have come true! Wooohooooo!!!!!

The legend is back. Our petite lady pilot, Jenna is back and is here to stay! As most of us know, she is currently the best and most well­known sensual, qualified, massage therapist in the industry.

Jenna started her career, as a Sensual Massage Pretoria therapist with the then, original and first ever massage venue in PTA East, Sheer Elegance, now known as VelvetGlow (one and the same). We are ecstatic and honoured to have you back Jenna. We just know the customers will be queuing up for your unique services!

Welcome back home, Lady Pilot, Jenna!!