Velvetglow discusses this intimate issue!!!

Here are a few quick facts as to why it’s better to be clean shaven;

  • Guys, it’s simply cleaner and healthier. One of the places affected by our daily activities is the crotch; sweat and dirt gather there and soon mixes with bacteria, clinging to pubic hair. When you bather, a portion of the clinging dirt remains and soon creates infections. If you are shaven cleaning is just soo much simpler.
  • Seems obvious but there is less risk of odour. A bush tends to attract an odour. Because the crotch does not have enough air circulation the odour soon becomes noticeable.
  • Being clean shaven means being less prone to cuts during sex. Sometimes, when sex involves a hairy vagina, the hair gets in the way and causes cuts. These cuts could lead to unwanted infections so be very careful.
  • Clean shaven for men means looking bigger in bed. When you have a bush around your member, it looks smaller. Why not shave and create illusion of added length.
  • A clean shaven vagina looks very inviting and ready for pleasure. The average man will be more willing to tongue-please a shaved vagina than a bushy one. If you want to get really intimate is a great idea to stay well-groomed.
  • Here’s the big plus! Being clean shaven allows for more sexual sensitivity. All the skin in the pubic region is sensitive and covering it with a bush is reducing the pleasure area. Shave and allow for direct skin-to-skin contact and you will receive more pleasure from the experience.
  • For the fashion conscious it’s definitely in at the moment! Having a bush is so last season. Invest and get with the program.