Sensual_Massage_PretoriaOne of the hottest ladies on the circuit at the moment and yet another winner brought to you by Pretoria’s Premier Sensual Massage Spa ­ VelvetGlow Where do we find them? It’s a question we get asked daily. Now that would be given our game away wouldn’t it?? Natalie is a gorgeous tall blonde who looks like she just stepped out of a Learjet aircraft and is on her way to a Cosmo shoot. Believe

it or not, she’s actually ready and waiting just for you.

Make a booking quick, she’s extremely popular…

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Let VG warm you up this Winter We would like to thank ALL our valued clients for the great start VG had to 2015. Its been tremendous and we hope you have enjoyed what we have had to offer. We have accelerated our efforts to provide only the best of the best, a truly one of a kind experience. This means a continual flow of truly exquisite ladies who are expertly trained in the art of sensual massage.

Please note that the Velvetglow WEB site is accurately updated and you can confidently make bookings based off the information contained herein. Please note that we don’t make bookings in advance and no private numbers are answered. You can also view all our ladies on Class Escort and a few are featured on ESA. We simply can’t wait to spoil you this winter guys…

velvetglow_velvet_massage_pretoriaThought for the week: Competition is good, keeps you sharp and always hungry for bigger and better ­ The Owner.