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To the gentleman who booked three sessions in one day this week we just want to say WOW!!! No need for a libido enhancer for you Sir. Maybe it’s got something to do with the weather but the girls were truly impressed with your stamina. For those inquisitive ones out there, he booked 3 x 1hr sessions and had three different girls massage him in one day, sheer bliss. Needless to say he tipped all three girls handsomely as well. The hunk sure looked relaxed after that…

Let’s get down and dirty!
On a recent trip to the shops I noticed a couple sitting having coffee next to me. It became obvious that the gentleman had a roaming eye. An eye for the ladies that is. He simply couldn’t keep his eyes off every lady that walked past. I sat looking at this spectacle thinking to myself that he is either suffering from a dietary deficiency or he isn’t getting any at home. He had lust written all over his face, so obviously starved of the good stuff. I remember feeling frustrated at the fact that I couldn’t simply walk over and give him the contact details for VelvetGlow. He appeared to be in such need of a session of passion, sensuality and utter relaxation, just what we specialize in.

If you can relate to this picture don’t
procrastinate, pick up the phone now and do the right thing, book a Tantric Massage in Pretoria at VelvetGlow – You deserve it…

Thought for the week:
“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course”
— Marilyn Monroe