tumblr_inline_n7z97zbWJV1sfrz9oA doubles session for an Erotic Massage Pretoria based venue, VelvetGlow is truly one of the most erotic experiences a man can ever hope for. We recently had a client return twice in one day for a second double session. When asked why he felt the need to indulge a second time round in the same day he explained that he simply could not resist the utter temptation of having two gorgeous girls massaging him into oblivion.

He said if you could multiply the pleasure by 2 you would have the explanation. Every man’s dream I believe.

At velvetglow we are fortunate enough to have doubles specialists who have mastered the art. A sister’s duo, Marilyn & Minx as well as Natasha & Mikayla who are known for their gorgeous young, slim and tight bods. Even with a double, the client is always in control and our therapists are trained in the art of finding out what our clients would like to see and feel during their doubles experience. It promises to be the ultimate in sensuality. Please forgive our Massage therapists who do from time to time get carried away in the heat of the moment and may for a few seconds indulge in one another’s own beauty.

Why not treat yourself to a “willy winter warmer special” for the month of July every Thursday. Enquire with our gorgeous hostess for more info.

Thought for the week:
Why settle for a one on one when you can experience the double delight at velvetglow, truly “A Cut Above”…