Forget Shyness: Naked body massage makes you feel confident inside and out.

Nakedness is something not a lot of people are comfortable with, and it isn’t any wonder why its that way, since it is cemented into our psyche from early on we think that nakedness is bad and something to be ashamed of. This engineered social conditioning continues in many people, eventually developing into body image issues that reflect the negative programming.

Naked body massage involves traditional massage techniques coupled with sensuous nude interaction which not only helps to alleviate¬† negative body images and stress by allowing the body to relax through standard massage but it does much more. It elevates feel good hormones like endorphin’s, which gives a “heady” feeling of floating, plus the added bonus of learning to be comfortable and confident with nakedness and accepting the beauty and sensuality with ones own skin.

Why waste your time and money on expensive treatments when there is VelvetGlow, Pretoria’s premier sensual massage studio where ALL the pretty ladies hangout.

Embrace a beautiful body today, ditch the shyness and bloom in confidence, with nude body massage from one of our lovely ladies…

Please note no FH or oral on offer. Right of Admission reserved.