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Humorous News…
We recently had a client who took a call from his boss during his deluxe sensual massage session. He was asked where he was at that moment. He paused for a second and replied, “Why, I’m taking some time out to sharpen my saw of course, just like you always told us to do…” clever!

Let’s get down and dirty!
I recently attended a house party and overhead one of my girlfriends talking about the amount of money her boyfriend spends on sensual_and_erotic_massagelibido enhancing supplements. I remembered thinking to myself that’s a pity, there are other methods to regaining that youthful enthusiasm and lust for life! So many of our clients comment about how a sensual tantric massage treatment gets them back in the mood for action at home. During a sensual massage session at VelvetGlow you will pick up on techniques that will drive your woman crazy and get her begging for more. Put us to the test, book your Pretoria Sensual Massage session NOW at VelvetGlow, the ultimate in erotic and sensual pleasure.

velvet_massageThought for the week:
“No matter how wrong things are going, no matter how deep in the sh1t you may be, never, never lose your sense of humour or sense of fun”