We guarantee your satisfaction at VelvetGlow or else we will as they say in parliament – “Pay back the money!!”

Gentleman thanks for all your support on Heritage day, we had a record turn out once again. Thanks also for the fantastic support and positive feedback about our new girls. Without feedback like this we are not sure if we are providing you with all your heart’s desire.

Let’s get down and dirty!

We often wonder what makes the perfect masseuse and the reality is that it’s a combination of factors such as; good looks, friendly and inviting personality, expert massage skills and that look that makes you feel like you just want more and more. The sensuality part remains the most crucial of all and the girls at VelvetGlow are given specific training that ensures that you won’t get a better experience at any other venue.

At VelvetGlow we try and recruit girls that encompass all of these characteristics. It’s like that girl you see at the bar on a Saturday night that you would just love to take home but know you won’t cum right! We try to take on girls with this look so that you don’t have to worry about going home empty handed on a Saturday night because you can cum right every day of the week at velvetglow and I promise you it will cost less. Some of our clients book a session before an evening out just to take the edge off. There’s no stress because you have already scored, even before you have gone out – Smart..

Most of our clients are opting for the no strings attached relationship where your time is your own and you only frequent one another’s company when it suits both parties. This heightens the anticipation and leads to a much more satisfying sensual and erotic experience, you know what I’m saying.

“The reality is, variety remains the spice of life”.

To experience the pleasure of multiple orgasms book yourself a sensual massage this week at velvetglow, Pretoria’s Premier Sensual Massage venue – velvetglow, “A Cut Above”.

erotic_massage_venueThought for the week:
“It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”
— Marilyn Monroe