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Sexting and why it’s become soo popular?

  1. Virtually ALL of us have heard about sexting and research shows that approximately 75% of us have tried it at some stage or another. It’s a global phenomenon.
  2. Everyone who owns a cell phone can sext, hence its rise in popularity. The only limitation is your own imagination so go wild.
  3. Remember do not save or archive no matter how great the urge!
  4. The costs involved are relatively low and information is sent immediately. It’s one of the few methods of flirting where you can actually see whether or not your message has been received or not. Like ALL other forms of social media, sexting can be dangerous and it is strongly advised to keep your messages short and brief.

With the rapid changes in technology people are making more and more use of cell phones to communicate. It’s not always possible to send a bunch of roses and it’s definitely not wise to send naked pics over the internet so sexting is a great alternative.

Tip: err on the side of playful rather than pornographic when sexting. Sexy words are safer than sexy pics. Sexting builds big anticipation and hints at things to come…