erotic_massage_pretoriaSome women may enjoy expressing their wild side through erotic lingerie or crotch­less panties. Those are sure to give a whole new meaning to sexy lingerie. Women’s lingerie is an extremely important part of getting dressed each day. Therefore having the right variety of ladies lingerie is vital to having a complete wardrobe, and at VelvetGlow, it’s simply a necessity after all our valued clients deserve nothing less than the best.

When dressing for a day of working at VelvetGlow, before you put on that sharp sexy suit that hugs your bum
in that perfect way, and says to the world that you mean business, sexy and erotic lingerie, is a must. The girls of velvetglow spend time in the mornings preparing themselves, and in some instances dress according to a client’s specific request, always a winner. Our clients love the fact that time and energy has been spent on making the sensual experience one of the best they have ever endured.

At velvetglow we understand that sexy lingerie makes our professional masseuses feel really sensual, boosting them to the top of their game, and rewarding our clients, who invest their hard earned cash, with a visual delight that will be remembered long after the event. Contact velvetglow for an Erotic Massage Pretoria based venue.

You’d be amazed at what erotic lingerie can do for your sensual massage experience. Why not put us to the test? Give velvetglow a ring and experience the visual pleasures of a gorgeous lady who wears extraordinarily sexy and erotic lingerie just for your pleasure today…

Thought for the week:
If you can make a girl laugh, you can make a girl do anything – “Marilyn Monroe”…