massage_in_pretoriaWhile on a recent business trip I had an interesting thought – should I be “soet of stout”… After a good night’s sleep I took a well­deserved shower and prepared for the arduous day that lay ahead. While titivating I heard a strange sound in the room next door. A low moaning kind of noise that would soon convert into a fast paced and exited high pitched scream. I could hear the noise was coming from a man and a woman who were particularly enjoying one another’s company.

I was so envious and remembered feeling irritated at the fact that I was merely on my way to work. Why should others be having all the fun? I pressed my ear to the wall to see if I could get a little closer to the action. It simply heightened my sexual frustration and I had run out of time.

As I walked past the hotel door where the over sexed couple were, I noticed the sign on the door and it read, “PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB”. For a second I wandered if I would be a welcomed third party in their little orgy? The question in my head was, to be “SOET of STOUT?” Can you just imagine, no warming up or foreplay required, just walk in, undress and get it on….
I paused at the elevator for a moment and imagined the ecstasy of simply showing up and taking over from where he or she left off. All of a sudden my cell phone began ringing and I could see it was the office looking for me already. OMG!!

sensual_massage_in_pretoriaI promised myself one thing for sure, before I’ve reached the office I will have booked myself a sensual massage at Pretoria’s premier sensual massage venue, the one and only, VelvetGlow. Sure enough, multi skilling became second nature and as my animal instincts kicked in, I did an online booking which was quickly responded to by simply the most gorgeous hostess I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Could this day just end now please so that I can have my own hotel experience at VelvetGlow with a gorgeous masseuse of my choice!!

Thought for the week:
Admit it, you should be doing something else important right now… But you came onto velvetglow instead… Go on, have some fun and book yourself a Sensual Massage In Pretoria right NOW!!