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It had been a tough month and I decided to spoil myself with a half hour session at the VelvetGlow Massage Pretoria East based studio. I had heard from my friends that this was the most upmarket venue specializing in Tantric Massage Pretoria based was keen to suss it out.

As a first timer I was told that the half hour session was where the masseuse just goes in for the kill. Well, all I can say is that it was enough to get me to turn my car around two hours later and go straight back for an hour session and not with the same girl of course.

On my way in the first time round I had noticed a tall slender girl who looked to be in her mid twenties, legs forever and a naughty smile that made me look twice. I inquired as to her availability and to my delight she was ready and waiting upon my return. As I walked through the entrance into what can only be described as a magnificent abode, with the shimmer of the swimming pool water reflecting against the glass façade I caught a glimpse of the girl of my dreams.

Nothing could have prepared me for what awaited me this time round. As I entered the massage room she lay in waiting for me, her naked bodice covered with only a thin lace outfit that left just enough for the imagination. I indulged in a quick shower with the girl of my dreams and she immediately got straight down to business. She delivered a deep penetrating massage that was so intense it left me begging for more. As she began with the Sensual Massage by

massaging my mid­section her hand pressure became less intense and instead became more erotic and sensual with every stroke. I was enticed to roll over and it was hard to hide my obvious pleasure. I sensed that the art lies not in the ability to achieve orgasm but to prolong the ultimate pleasure for as long as possible and in doing so ensuring maximum climax. This she managed to achieve with the ultimate skill and ease, a true master. At point of climax it felt as if my world had turned into a kaleidoscope of color, happiness and total bliss. For a few seconds thereafter I could hardly muster the strength to move a muscle, I had never been this relaxed and fulfilled in my entire life.

As I finished up and enjoyed a hot and relaxing shower with my new lover it suddenly dawned on me that I had just experienced the ultimate in Erotic Massage, the best massage of my life.

Testimonial from satisfied client – 5th June 2014.

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