WOW, what a week…. Gentleman thank you for all your love and support. As they say, the proofs in the pudding and VelvetGlow has just had the best week it’s ever had. We had new clients from Cape Town, Ballito, and even visitors from London and New York. Always an honour and a pleasure…

Let’s get down and dirty!

Chapter 1
It had been a typical hot summer’s day and Marilyn began to feel the effects of the sun on her body as the evening drew closer. A sudden tingle and throbbing from her pelvic region made her retire to her bedroom. She knew that Jethro would be soon to follow…

“My lips were dry and as I licked them I could see the lust in his dark blue eyes. It had been too long, and he had earned this right. The right to take control and release his manhood upon my bodice which was desperately seeking to please his every need. I felt drawn to him, an uncontrollable attraction.

As he took off his crisp white shirt, I could see the benefits of his six day a week gym routine and the rippling muscles that were tanned a rich brown colour. He oozed with sex appeal. He

took me by the arm and in one quick movement removed my dress. The cool breeze which entered through the open window gave me an instant nipple stand and I could see the pleasure of this sight written all over his face.

The faint smell of his masculine aftershave still present, I suddenly felt an insatiable urge to satisfy his every need, an urge that I had not experienced before.

He couldn’t wait anymore and as instinct took over the thrusting of his body against mine suddenly gave me a feeling of exhilaration that rushed through my entire body, from head to toe. A pulsation that culminated in multiple orgasms, as if we had planned to take turns. His manhood deep inside of me gave the desired effect and a feeling of intense satisfaction.

As we lay recovering, side by side with the wind gently blowing the velvet curtain I could see the full moon outside and realized that it had been another epic session with Jethro.

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Thought for the week:
“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”
– Marilyn Monroe