No more wanting to shoot your partner or road rage incidents caused through sexual frustration. We have the answer, book yourself a session with one of our gorgeous and professional masseuses.

No more DIY, for the ultimate
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Of late, we have heard about the most horrendous violence and road rage incidents and have it on good authority that all are as a result of male sexual frustration. As a proponent of healthy living, we propose the use of sensual massage to curb the frustration in our daily lives. We have customers who have incorporated the use of sensual massage on a daily and weekly basis to reduce stress and improve overall efficiency and energy levels during the day.

We can assure you that after a sensual massage you will not feel the need to entertain road rage never the less shoot your partner. In fact, if everyone entertained the age old treatment of sensual massage the world would be a far friendlier and less stressful place.

VelvetGlow – the answer to all your DIY problems…

In keeping up with popular demand we have new stock that has arrived. Should you wish to have a professional and sensual massage with a masseuse who will whooo you with her ability to speak French, the language of love, please ask our gorgeous hostess for more details…

Thought for the week:
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous and then absolutely boring….”Marilyn Monroe”

Guys just remember, woman are precious handle with care and always treat with respect…

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