perfumeGetting a massage just feels amazing, in fact one begins feeling better even before the sensual therapist lays her hands on you.

It’s got something to do with the setting perhaps where you’re in a dark, quiet room surrounded by calming music and relaxing scents. The cool clean towels feel smooth on your bare skin. In winter heating equipment is used and in summer fans are introduced to keep the rooms comfortable. Clients are offered the opportunity to
shower before the session begins. All rooms have en suits and it is advisable to shower as this improves the overall hygiene for both parties concerned and has a relaxing effect on the entire body. Getting up close and personal with your sensual therapist is a two way thing you know and as a client you can definitely enhance your chances by focusing on excellent hygiene and looking your best.

You should feel comfortable, relaxed and prepared for a real treat even before your session begins. The amount of enjoyment a client derives from a sensual and erotic massage can be increased by preparing yourself in advance and by preparing mentally. Relaxing your mind and muscles while on your way to the massage studio is always a good start. This sounds silly but you should try it the next time you go for a massage.

Once your sensual masseuse places her hands on you, your mind and body should be totally in tune with the pleasures to come. Feedback received from a number of satisfied clients is that
preparing oneself mentally to relax and enjoy yourself beforehand has substantially improved their ability to control the emotional release that is part and parcel of a good sensual massage. Delaying the emotional release gives one a sense of control and a feeling of fulfillment. Leaving before your time is up is a lost opportunity and our therapists are trained to help maximize your time spent in the session.

The more you relax the more all that tied up tension and stress begins to get released through the power of touch.

sensual_massage_studio_in_pretoria_eastWhy does it feel so good?
Your brain releases hormones that make your body and mind relax You instantly feel less stressed and can solve problems more effectively You have more patience and your powers of communication are improved tired and sore muscles are soothed, enhancing and reducing recovery periods improved sex life as you learn new techniques and can control the timing of your orgasm better taking time out to treat and reward yourself and being pampered just feels good.

Treat yourself today – book a Pretoria Erotic Massage at VelvetGlow, GO ON, DO IT NOW!!

sensual_massage_studio_pretoria_east.pngThought for the week:
At the end of the day life’s too short to have regrets. Live today as if it were your last.
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