zexyZenitha provides a Sensual Massage service at VelvetGlow, the elite venue in Pretoria East that everyone is talking about.

I recently had an erotic experience with a client that left me totally hot flushed and red all over. Just thought I should share some of the details with you.

It started off as an ordinary day with not too much on the go when I suddenly received a call to say Mr X had booked an hour session with me as for a Sensual Massage Pretoria absed session and he had enjoyed it soo much the last time.
I recalled the event and remember feeling quite turned on by his tan and well­muscled body. A six pack that would make any girl week at the knees. I still remember thinking how nice it would be to go skinny dipping with him without anyone knowing about it, or to turn the lights out in the room and do my own version of dating in the dark.

While performing the sensual part of the massage I suddenly felt myself becoming caught up in the experience and the heat of his body became the energy driving my body back and forward with the massage oil lubricating our every move. Pure instinct took over and I remember feeling like I was truly in the eye of a storm, a storm energized by a never ending lust to provide the ultimate orgasm. It felt like as soon as it began it was all over…

Mr X confirmed that he too was in ecstasy over what had just happened. I think I gave him something to think about when I mentioned our willy warmer winter special which involves a double at a reduced price. I think he felt it hard to conceptualize the pure bliss of experiencing double the pleasure.

Thought for the week:
As Marilyn Monroe said: “Keep it classy, never trashy just a lil’ nasty”…

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